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John Lennon’s Childhood Home is For Sale

In October of 1940 when all of England’s major cities were being bombed by the German Air Force, the residents of 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool had a baby boy named John Lennon. That boy would live at that house for the first few years of his life until the marriage of his parents crumbled and he moved in with his aunt who effectively raised him. By the time the 1960s came along, Lennon would become one of the biggest rock stars the world has ever known until his unfortunate assassination in New York in 1980.

Now the house where John Lennon spent the first few years of his life is going to be sold at an auction later this month. The house’s current owner has kept the house looking much like it did during the 1960s and wants to sell the house because he wants to live in a house with a garden in his retirement. Though the house is badly in need of modernization, it is still expected to sell for a lot of money because well, there are a lot of rich Beatles fans around the world that collect their memorabilia. The guide price for the home is expected to be about £150,000-£250,000 which translates to about $243,000-$405,000 in US Dollars. I’m all for collecting Beatles memorabilia, but I wouldn’t want to buy something that would require a mortgage and property taxes just because it would be cool to have.

That paint job certainly looks like it’s from the sixties.

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