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11 Things to Do At Home Before a Vacation

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to the number of people traveling in America. With that in mind, Apartment Therapy has a great post up listing all of the things you should do in your house before you leave home for an extended period of time. While this is prescient for the upcoming holiday, this advice holds true for any vacation where you leave home for more than a few nights. Here are their suggestions for converting your living space to “vacation mode” so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get back:

Clean your refrigerator – Toss anything that is nearing its expiration date before you leave. You’re probably not going to eat it when you get home.

Refrigerate fresh fruits and vegetables – Produce sitting on your countertop is bound to attract bugs after a while. Sticking them in the fridge will avoid that problem.

Take out the garbage
– The longer garbage sits around, the worse it smells and it is also something that will attract bugs and mice.

Clean surfaces
– Give any countertops and tabletops a good wipedown before you leave.

Take care of your plants – Give them some extra water before you head out and move them to a cool area of the house. In cooler weather plants drink up less water and the rate of soil evaporation is much lower. This will ensure your best shot at keeping them alive while you’re out.

Stock up on easy meals – When you get back home you’re rarely in a mood to cook. A few ready made meals will help you get settled back in.

Suspend your mail – An overflowing mailbox is a huge sign to everyone that you’re out of town. Suspending the mail or having a neighbor pick it up is a good way to take care of that.

Turn down (or up) your thermostat – There’s no need to pay to keep the house at your ideal temperature when no one is home. If you’re leaving in the winter turn the thermostat down to 55 which is just warm enough to avoid frozen pipes. If you’re out in the summer, shut off the AC. Your wallet will thank you.

Throw out fresh flowers – Even if they look nice now they’ll probably be dead when you get back home.

Have a plan for your pets – If you’re not taking them with you, you need to have a plan to ensure that they’re taken care of.

That’s how your kitchen should look when you’re on vacation.

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Happy Thanksgiving and a bit of history

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have much to be thankful for today and always! It is a wonderful day to reflect on the goodness in your life, spend time with loved ones, eat massive amounts food and
watch football, but of course there is more to it than that; historically speaking. Take a moment to check out the information provided on the origin of Thanksgiving. After reading, you will be an expert on this national holiday and can look forward impressing your family and friends later on at dinner in between eating all that turkey!

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The best pies for the holidays in New York City

TimeOut New York presents scrumptious options for those seeking the best pies for the holidays in New York City.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, time for us all to remember what we are thankful for. If you live in the NYC area, this year it may feel a bit more difficult to feel particularly thankful as many of us are still dealing with the devastating effects of the recent hurricane and Nor’easter. It’s times like these when we have to remember be thankful for the little things, the seemingly minute delights in life that can put on a smile on the face of someone who desperately needs it. One of the greatest, most simple ways to cheer someone up is to bring them something sweet to eat. This list gives you insider knowledge on where to find the most delicious pies available for the holidays in the New York City area. This Thanksgiving, be the barer of good cheer and great desserts by bringing one these seasonal pastries to dinner, or drop a few off to those you know could you use a bit of culinary comfort. While all of these pies are sure to delight your taste buds, we recommend the Pumpkin Pie; a cornmeal crust lends a crunchy counterpoint to this pie’s creamy pumpkin filling, spiced with cinnamon, ginger and clove, nine-inch pie $28, available at One Girl Cookies, (68 Dean St between Boerum Pl and Smith St, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.) Place your order by Nov 17 for pickup on Nov 22.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! From all of us at Churchill Corporate Services.

Thanksgiving in Boston

Staying in Boston over Thanksgiving? Boston Magazine has selected 21 great places to have Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston.  There are budget friendly selections like Legal Seafood‘s Thanksgiving Dinner, starting at $21.95; Vegetarian options at Dante, which serve vegetarian entrees along side traditional Thanksgiving fare; Thanksgiving with a view at Top of the Hub where diners have a spectacular view of the Boston skyline; There are even options to go at Cafe Fleuri where complete prepared dinners for four, eight or ten people are available for takeout.

Click here for a complete list of Boston area restaurants open for Thanksgiving.

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Florida Thanksgiving Travel Guide

Traveling to Florida for business during the holiday season? The Orlando Sentinel’s Florida Thanksgiving Travel Guide highlights packages and feasts offered throughout the state. Some highlights are The Port D’hiver Bed & Breakfast‘s VIP Thanksgiving dinner for two at the Melbourne Harbor Chart House, The Four Seasons Miami’s  Thanksgiving Brunch and dinner offering its famous holiday sampler, and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort featuring a Thanksgiving Buffet with Goofy and Donald Duck where families can meet-and-greet the characters several times during the day.

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