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Tanzania Has One of the Coolest Hotel Suites Ever

Unusual hotels have always existed in some form or another. Some exist on the tops of trees and mountains, while others reside in the depth of caves and the ocean floor. They all exist to stand out from the competition and give their guests a truly cool and unique experience. Following in that trend is The Manta Resort on islands off the coast of Tanzania. They have just opened a suite that floats on the surface of the Indian Ocean and has an incredible underwater room with a 360 degree view underneath the waves. The views of the marine life are especially incredible at night because many sea creatures are attracted to the light coming from inside the room. Though it would be incredibly cool to check out, there is no way I would ever want to sleep in that underwater room. The sight of an octopus sticking to my bedroom window would most certainly keep me up all night.

That’s one good way to attract tourists to Zanzibar.

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