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Steampunk Convention Comes to New Jersey

One of the most important inventions in terms of how we communicate was invented in Morristown, New Jersey, the telegraph. That was the first invention that allowed people to instantly communicate with one another over long distances in real time albeit in a language of dots and dashes. It is also one of the quintessential things that is reminiscent of the era steampunk hearkens back to. Well this weekend Morristown will be hosting its own steampunk convention and some unusually dressed people will be filling the streets.

If you don’t know what steampunk is, imagine Abraham Lincoln holding a futuristic ray gun. It’s a style that imagines an alternate future where Victorian culture lived on and technology advanced but maintained the same look and feel as the early Industrial Revolution. Instead of the sleek design of today’s innovations steampunk technology is bigger with all of its moving parts exposed. No one knows exactly how this movement started or even has a precise definition of it but you’ll know it when you see it. The people who do it seem to like the nebulous guidelines because it leaves them with a great deal of latitude to come up with some incredibly creative and cool looking designs and costumes. Halloween isn’t coming early in Morristown but if you’re in the area you can see some pretty cool things this weekend.

Yeah it’s kind of like that.

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Pirates, Vampires, and Steampunks Invade New Jersey

It’s been a good time to be a geek in New Jersey as of recent. Conventions for all sorts of geeky things are going to be happening in the next month. Piscataway recently played host to the largest ever Steampunk world fair combining the nostalgia of Victorian England with the technology of science fiction. Imagine a hotel filled with 3,500 people dressed like Abraham Lincoln and carrying fake ray guns and you have a Steampunk convention.

This picture describes it better than I ever could.

If Steampunk isn’t your thing, perhaps piracy is. In a few weeks the Ocean County Fairgrounds is going to host the The First Annual New Jersey Pirates and Privateers Weekend, complete with a pirate ship and live pirate music. There is also the Official Vampire Diaries Convention coming in July if you happen to be a fan of that show or a nocturnal blood drinking enthusiast. Or perhaps you would rather go to the Geek Creation Show in Parsippany, showing off all sorts of video games and creative gadgets with all proceeds going towards building a museum dedicated to every nerd’s favorite inventor, Nicola Tesla.

Although these sorts of conventions have been growing across the world, New Jersey in particular has seen a higher growth than many other places. It is a very densely populated state crammed between two of the country’s most populated cities and often it is much cheaper to host smaller conventions such as these in New Jersey rather than downtown New York or Philadelphia. If you’re into nerdy things, New Jersey is certainly a great place to be this month.

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