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Woman Captures an Amazing Moment with Her iPhone

Check out one of  the amazing photos that was captured by Stefanie Gordon, an un-employed 33 year old from Hoboken, New Jersey, during her plane ride from New York to Florida on May 16th. She captured the image on her iPhone during the last half-hour of her flight when she looked out her window and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour sky-rocketing past the plane on its final journey to space.

The photo made her somewhat of an “instant celebrity” after she tweeted it while waiting for her luggage to come off the plane. Her phone began buzzing with alerts and notifications almost immediately and since then she has been contacted by MSNBC, the Washington Post, Associated Press and a number of other media outlets. While she never realized that the tweet would have the enormous impact that it has, she’s now hoping that a job offer may come her way from all of the attention.

The short video clip and photos have been viewed thousands upon thousands of times and have shown up on newscasts and newspapers all over the country.

What an amazing moment in history to capture!

Hoboken woman takes viral photo of Endeavour space shuttle liftoff

(AP Photo/Stefanie Gordon)

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