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Free Art Fridays in South Florida

Imagine you’re taking a walk in town on a Friday afternoon and you notice something odd. You see a painting leaning up against a lamp or a small sculpture sitting in a bush. Upon closer inspection you find a little tag that says “Free Art Fridays” That is something that is happening all over Miami-Dade and Broward counties and it’s called Free Art Fridays. The way it works is that local artists create a painting and just leave it out somewhere in public and the first person to find it is free to take it.

This trend was originally started in the UK a few years ago but it has spread across the world and has taken South Florida by storm. Artists do it as a way to promote their work while collectors enjoy the free art. It is a movement that has been made possible through social media. Often artists will post hints of what they’re going to be giving away and where they’re going to leave it. At least in South Florida the competition gets pretty intense among art collectors. They’re constantly checking the social media profiles of their favorite local artists and in some cases even following them to the place where they’re going to place their art. Ultimately though it is a fun new twist on something as old as art and an unexpected perk of living in the Miami area.

There are few things Americans love more than free stuff.

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Al Capone’s Final House Sells for Over $7 Million

When people think of organized crime in America Al Capone if one of the first figures that everyone thinks of. The Chicago-based crime lord made a fortune in the black market for alcohol in the 1920s and he became the most notorious gangster from the era of Prohibition. In 1931, he was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to eight years in Alcatraz. After getting out of prison he bought an estate in Miami Beach for $40,000 in cash where he lived until his death in 1947 at the age of 48.

Well it turns out that Capone and his successors could have made a fortune through more legitimate means with this house. The house where Capone spent the final years of his life recently sold for $7,431,750 according to Zillow. Adjusting for inflation the home’s value appreciated by $6.7 million between the time Capone bought the house and today. The estate has a two guesthouses and a 30′ x 60′ swimming pool and everything was recently renovated to add the most modern of amenities. Even if Capone had lived another 25 years the house’s value would have long since recouped the initial investment. Just consider that if alcohol wasn’t illegal in the 1920s Al Capone would have been a microbrewer instead of a mafia boss, but he still could have become a wildly successful real estate mogul in Miami.

It sure beats Alcatraz as a retirement home.

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Spanish Galleon Visits Fort Lauterdale

The year 2013 has a special anniversary for Florida. Exactly 500 years ago in 1513 the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the shores of Florida and named the land Florida due to the many wild blooming flowers he found there. Florida would then become home to the first permanent European settlement on the continent of North America. One of the many things happening to commemorate this occasion is the visit of a replica of a Spanish galleon to Florida. There is currently a replica of a 1526 Spanish galleon in the marina of Fort Lauderdale available for tours. Though this ship is larger than the caravel that Ponce de Leon used to find Florida, it is a wonderful insight into the types of ships that were used by explorers during the Age of Discovery and you can get a idea of what it was like to be a sailor back in the sixteenth century. Tours of the ship El Galeon are available for free here courtesy of Broward County.

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A guide to Miami-Dade art walks offers readers a comprehensive guide to Miami-Dade art walks. No longer a winter only event, art walks and gallery nights have been rising in popularity throughout Miami and can now be enjoyed year round! If you are not familiar with art walks, they provide visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with unique works of art, as well as the chance to meet the artists, chat with collectors and fellow culture lovers county wide. With so many distinct options, there is bound to be something for everyone’s taste such as Studio Crawl at the ArtCenter/South Florida on Oct. 6th from 7-10 p.m.

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Photo courtesy of Leila, ArtCenter/South Florida