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Even the Tooth Fairy is Affected by the Bad Economy’s “In this dire economy, even the Tooth Fairy is pinching pennies” highlights a 13% decline for the national rate the tooth fairy pays for a tooth. A recent survey found that the national going rate has seen a 40-cent decline this year: From $3 to $2.60 with 10% of kids not getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy at all. The survey also found that the economic pinch has taken a bite out of the Tooth Fairy’s generosity most dramatically in the eastern United States. Kids there received just $2.10 — a 38% decline from $3.40 last year. In the West, kids pocket more than the national average: $2.80 and up 4% from last year’s $2.70.

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Applications to Colleges Are Breaking Records ‘s article, “Applications to Colleges Are Breaking Records“, reports that many colleges are seeing double digit increases in applications from last year. Officials from schools have credited aggressive recruiting and the ease of online applications for the increase in applicants. But another big reason is the economy. According to David G. Payne, the Educational Testing Service’s vice president and chief operating officer for college and graduate programs, “When job creation slows, there’s an increase in the number of people who pursue a graduate degree.”

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