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New York City in the 1990s

New York City or really any major city in the world is in a constant state of change. Old buildings are being torn down while new ones rise up to take their place. Even more buildings are finding themselves remodeled to meet the needs of their current occupants. New business are starting up while others are shutting down. New bike sharing programs are being added to the streets while old rail lines are becoming public parks. I received a reminder about this fact of life when I saw this wonderful collection of photographs of New York City in the 1990s. I always find it somewhat remarkable seeing pictures of old businesses that no longer exist even going back to the not-too-distant past of the 1990s. Pictures like these are a good way to tell what has changed and what has stayed the same over time.

That was back when MTV actually broadcasted music.

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A View of New York From the Rooftops

It’s certainly no secret that Manhattan has many skyscrapers and that there are many incredibly beautiful pictures of that skyline. The thing about many of those pictures though is that they are often shot from a long distance away. In fact the best places to get a good shot of the whole skyline are on the other side of the East or Hudson Rivers. However, those pictures can get boring after a while. Many of the best pictures of the city are taken from little known places inside the city itself. That is where the work of the photographer Stewart Mader comes in. Two years ago he started a project where he takes pictures of the city from a new rooftop every week and so far he’s gotten some incredible shots. Looking through these pictures shows us that there are beautiful parts of the city we never even knew existed and provides us with a fresh, unique look at America’s largest metropolis.

Upper East Side from 66th floor, Chrysler Building.

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Stunning Photo: Lightning Strikes in Manhattan’s Stunning Photo: Lightning Strikes in Manhattan highlights Ben Leshchinsky’s lucky shot. Leshchinsky was on his terrace at his apartment near 67th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, looking northeast toward Central Park when he caught this image of a lightning bolt in action.

According to, It appears the lightning struck near the American Museum of Natural History in the Upper West Side area of Manhattan. Although several people said they heard loud thunderclaps at the museum, there were no confirmed lightning strikes, according to museum official Michael Walker.

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Boston’s Best Views has published a gallery of the best views on Boston. The photos are all submitted by readers and cover areas like Prospect Hill, Charlestown and more.

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Courtesy of Submitted by Aaron Frutman.

NYC’s Park Avenue before Cars posts historic photos of New York City’s Park Avenue before cars. The site compares photos, starting with a photograph dated pre-1922, then one slightly after 1922, to Park Ave today.

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Connecting the Past and Present through Photographs’s “Connecting the past to present tougher than it looks” takes old photographs and lined them up with the present landscape. One of the highlights is a series of 3 photographs titled Scenes from Washington, DC. The most notable photo in this collection is one of Miss Atlantic City, Miss Philadelphia and Miss Washington, DC gather in front of Union Station.

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Steel Giants Floating on a Blanket of Fog has published a gallery of beautiful photos featuring tall skyscrapers poking through dense blankets of white cloud cover. These photos, called fog-floater pictures are an incredible mix of fog, lighting and photography.

Some of our favorites are:

Foggy Miami morning, seen from the 55th floor looking over Brickell Avenue –

Chicago rising out of the fog and darkness –

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