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Please Don’t Vote for Me

In the world of American politics, elections on odd numbered years don’t get too much attention. Neither the Presidency nor anyone in Congress is up for election and most states only have low-level state and local elections (except New Jersey and Virginia who have governor races this year.) Perhaps this is why this one strange mayor’s race in the small rural town of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania got any press at all. Incumbent mayor Jody Pflueger initially decided to run for re-election this year but now as election day nears she is begging the town’s residents to not vote for her. Apparently she and her husband found their dream home a few towns over which now means that she’ll no longer be living in the town she’s the mayor of and she doesn’t want to be the mayor of a town she doesn’t live in. It goes to show you that finding the perfect place to live can dramatically change your life for the better even if that transition can be really awkward. Still it’s kind of amusing to see someone who is serving in an elected office actively campaign for the candidate running against them.

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Fireworks Laws by State

In my neighborhood the nights are filled with the sound of fireworks exploding on the weekend of the Fourth of July. All of these fireworks are shot off by regular people throwing their Fourth of July parties and are not professional shows. Now in much of the country fireworks are legal to buy and safely use as you see fit but they are illegal in a few states like my home state of New Jersey. As a result one of the first businesses that you will see when you cross the Delaware river into Pennsylvania is a fireworks shop. Also the police work overtime that weekend busting people for shooting off fireworks instead of say, saving lives by busting people driving drunk. To find out the legal status of fireworks in your state the American Pyrotechnics Association has put together this handy map:

Happy Fourth of July and be safe with your personal fireworks show!

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Best French Fries in the United States

Come on admit it, there is nothing better than a crispy, golden brown, salted French fry. Right?

CNN Travel‘s article, lists where to get the “Best French fries in the United States.”

1. Boise Fry Company, Idaho: Their slogan is “Burgers on the Side” and with Idaho being known for their potatoes, this place was destined to have killer fries. Customers can choose from six varieties of potato, then the cut, then the dressing. What could be better than a fry customized to your craving?!

2. The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, NYC:This hip place is known for their thrice-cooked chips. Long, medium-thick slices of Idaho russet potatoes are first boiled, then fried twice in a sunflower/canola oil blend. Then they get a pinch of salt. Try them with the restaurant’s Cuban mayo.

3. The Original Hot Dog Shop, Pittsburgh:Known for dishing out fries piled a mile high, The Original Hot Dog Shop makes their fries using hand-cut, and peeled Idaho potatoes which are friend twice in peanut oil. Served perfectly golden and crunch on a cafeteria tray, this place will bring back the nostalgia of the good old days.

4. Duckfat, Maine:Duckfat uses locally grown potatoes for their famous fries which are fried twice in duck fat allowing the outside to get super crisp while the inside remains tender. Served in a paper cone alongside specially made dips like mussel mayo and chopped egg and caper mayo, these fries are unusually made but delicious.

5. Jasper’s Corner Tap, San Francisco: With a menu devoted specifically to fries, this place has to be a winner! Choose your fry, thin, thick, or sweet potato, then your seasoning. Folks say that the smoked cheese fondue that is served as a side for dipping is “to die for.”

6. Pike Street Fish, Seattle: Known for Seattle’s best fish and chips, this place serves hand-sliced fries that are fried to “perfection,” along with delectable dipping sauces. The tangy chili mayo is a favorite. Even better, fries are FREE every third Friday of the month from 5PM to 7PM.

7. The Green Room, South Carolina: The Chef here, Patrick Long, specializes in Parmesan truffle fries, shoestring cut, and immediately tossed in truffle oil after being taken from the fryer. He then finishes them with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.

8. Bourbon Steak, Miami: Celeb chef Michael Mina offers mid-thick cuts of potato that are dunked in duck fat for the ultimate flavor and crispiness. An order covers three seasonings and sauce combos including rosemary herb with spicy ketchup, onion-dusted with sour cream sauce, and smoked paprika with smoked BBQ sauce. YUM!

9. Jonesy’s EatBar, Denver: Continually voted as Denver’s best fries, these thick-cut, extra crispy spuds are out of this world. They also come in four “World Famous” and original varieties like Buffalo (loaded in wing sauve and blue cheese crumbles with a side of dressing) and Bacon Mac & Cheese.

10. Thrasher’s, Maryland: Simply put, these are the ultimate “Boardwalk Fry.” These hand-cut fries are freid in peanut oil with the skins still on and served with salk & vineagar in a big bucket. The smallest bucket is 16oz and the largest weighs in at 53oz!

Bourbon Steak, Miami

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The Steepest Streets in America has an infographic on the 10 steepest streets in the United States. Waipio Road in Honokaa, Hawaii tops the list with a 45% road gradient. The road gains 800 vertical feet in 0.6 miles at a 25% average grade, with steeper grades in sections. This is a paved public road but it is open only to 4 wheel drive vehicles. Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Elfred Street in Los Angeles, California round out the top 3.

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The World’s Largest Things has put together an interesting list of the World’s Largest Stuff.

Some of our favorite stuff:

World’s Largest Six Pack – Located in LaCrosse, Wisconsin,  City Brewery is home to the world’s largest six pack. Originally constructed in 1969, these six tanks hold 688,200 barrels of beer – enough to fill 7,340,796 cans.

World’s Largest Can Of Paint – Located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvannia, a water tank has been painted to look like a 1000-gallon can of Benjamin Moore paint and is visible from Interstate 81.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Challenge of the Corporate Relocation

2009 Worldwide ERC® Benchmarking Survey. MOBILITY Magazine, July 2009. Courtesy of

2009 Worldwide ERC® Benchmarking Survey. MOBILITY Magazine, July 2009. Courtesy of

It is no surprise that the 2009 Worldwide ERC Benchmarking Survey reports the number one reason behind relocation reluctance is the feeble housing market. Employees are unable to sell their houses for the prices they want and unable to afford housing in the areas to which they are relocating. General resistance to the idea of moving either by the employee and/or the family is also another reason why employees are reluctant to relocate. 

Although corporate relocation reluctance is one of the biggest challenges facing the corporate industry, there are several ways to move beyond this challenge. While corporate housing providers cannot change the housing market and the high cost of living, they can change their rates to suit the needs of families that are dealing with financial challenges and tight budgets.

Through tough economic times and the challenge of relocation reluctance, Churchill Corporate Services continues to provide affordable and competitively priced fully-furnished, corporate housing in many locations across the United States. Churchill’s affordable rates and added amenities appeal to anyone reluctant to relocate. Churchill’s warm and inviting apartments provide comfort and a sense of home with amenities, such as doormen, concierge, fitness centers, swimming pools, business centers, and housekeeping services. For those thinking of relocating to the East Coast, Churchill offers a wide-range of selections in New Jersey, Pennsylvania , Connecticut, New York,  Maryland, and Washington, D.C.