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A Lost World is Discovered in Australia

Scientists have just discovered the closest thing to Jurassic Park that we’ll ever find. No they didn’t find any preserved dinosaur DNA nor did we find any dinosaurs still living, we found something much cooler. In an extremely remote part of Northern Australia scientists discovered what they’re calling an undiscovered “Lost World” that they only found thanks to Google Earth. On this isolated plateau they found a rainforest that has been preserved since before the dinosaurs even existed. Many of the animals that they found there were completely undiscovered species that have been isolated from their closest cousins for hundreds of millions of years. It is thought that this plateau hasn’t changed too much since the end of the Permian Extinction about 250 million years ago.

The scientists have discovered and documented three species so far in their initial exploration, the Cape Melville leaf-tailed gecko, the Cape Melville shade skin, and the Blotched boulder frog. I find it absolutely incredible that there are parts of the Earth that we still haven’t fully explored yet and species of plants and animals that we haven’t yet discovered. It took Google Earth and a helicopter to find one of these last unknown frontiers and seeing this story makes me wonder just how many more unexplored places there are.

No one in human history had ever laid eyes on that frog before this week.

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The Lesser Known National Parks

America has some incredible national parks within its borders. In total America’s national parks cover 52 million acres of land and attracted 63 million visitors last year. However, they’re not all created equal. For every well known and well visited park like Grand Canyon or Yellowstone there are several other lesser known parks like Acadia or Isle Royale. CNN has put together a list of four of these parks that are incredibly beautiful but far less popular. The next time you’re considering traveling to one of our country’s 59 National Parks, consider some of these less traveled parks:

1. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
2. Glacier National Park, Montana
3. Redwood National Park, California
4. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Crater Lake, the world’s second deepest lake and one of the National Park Service’s best kept secrets.

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Best U.S. National Park Views

Travel + Leisure picks the Best U.S. National Park Views. Our favorites are:

Sentinel Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA – It’s only a one-mile hike from the valley floor, yet earns you a 360-degree view of the park.

Watchman Peak, Crater Lake National Park, OR – Hike up to Watchman Peak, where a fire lookout tower has stood since 1932.

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