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NASA’s First Deep Space Craft is Powered Up for the First Time

This week NASA just accomplished a major milestone in its continuing mission of space exploration. For the past few years NASA has been developing a deep-space spacecraft named Orion that is designed to take humans beyond Earth’s orbit. Well NASA just powered parts of that spacecraft up for the first time. While much has been made about the retirement of the space shuttle without anything else ready to replace it, this is what NASA has been working on. NASA has been shooting people into orbit for over 50 years and the furthest away from Earth a human has ever gone was to the Moon. This spacecraft is designed to try to send people far beyond the Moon towards asteroids and Mars and progress is being made towards that endeavor.

The Orion test module is scheduled to be launched into space without a crew next year for two Earth orbits at 20,000 miles per hour about 3700 miles above the Earth’s surface. The mission of that flight is to gather data regarding how well the ship’s systems work in space in preparation for a manned flight in 2020. Though most of us are destined to spend our whole lives on the Earth’s surface, the idea of humanity traveling into deep space beyond the Earth’s gravity really excites me. It is also the only way humanity can survive for the long haul tens of millions of years from now because the sun will eventually make the Earth too hot to support life. These may be baby steps into the cosmos but it is progress that that future generations will be able to build upon to do extraordinary things that science fiction writers only dreamed about. Besides I’d love to be a shareholder in a potential Martian real estate market.

That’s what it will look like in space.

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Space Shuttle Enterprise Encased in Inflatable Shelter at NYC Museum

Space Shuttle Enterprise is Encased in Inflatable Shelter at NYC Museum according to Two weeks after “landing” on top of the aircraft carrier-turned-Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City, NASA’s prototype space shuttle Enterprise is now underneath the inflatable canopy that will house its public display. The Intrepid, which is docked on Manhattan’s west side, is a retired World War II aircraft carrier used since 1982 to house aerospace and maritime exhibits.

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Explore Space Shuttle Discovery with a 360 Panorama’s Space Shuttle in Extreme Detail shows Discovery’s flight deck with a new 360 panorama. NASA’s space shuttle Discovery is set to go into its new permanent home at the Smithsonian Institution. Once the spaceship is settled into the museum, the institution intends to seal up Discovery indefinitely. However, NASA and the Smithsonian plans to install panorama kiosks of Discovery’s interior and payload bay sometime this May.  In the meantime, you can explore the flight deck of Discovery, with a 2.74-gigapixel, zoomable image—equivalent in resolution to about 340 pictures taken with an 8-megapixel iPhone camera.

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Driving on the Moon

Nasa’s photo gallery features Apollo 15 lunar module pilot Jim Irwin loading the lunar rover with tools and equipment in preparation for the first lunar spacewalk at the Hadley-Apennine landing site. Apollo 15 launched 40 years ago on July 26, 1971, from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Final Flight of Shuttle Atlantis has a photo gallery of Shuttle Atlantis’s final flight. The flight took off on July 8th from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and marks end of the 30 year program from NASA. The shuttle is carrying four astronauts on a 12-day delivery mission to the International Space Station.

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Woman Captures an Amazing Moment with Her iPhone

Check out one of  the amazing photos that was captured by Stefanie Gordon, an un-employed 33 year old from Hoboken, New Jersey, during her plane ride from New York to Florida on May 16th. She captured the image on her iPhone during the last half-hour of her flight when she looked out her window and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour sky-rocketing past the plane on its final journey to space.

The photo made her somewhat of an “instant celebrity” after she tweeted it while waiting for her luggage to come off the plane. Her phone began buzzing with alerts and notifications almost immediately and since then she has been contacted by MSNBC, the Washington Post, Associated Press and a number of other media outlets. While she never realized that the tweet would have the enormous impact that it has, she’s now hoping that a job offer may come her way from all of the attention.

The short video clip and photos have been viewed thousands upon thousands of times and have shown up on newscasts and newspapers all over the country.

What an amazing moment in history to capture!

Hoboken woman takes viral photo of Endeavour space shuttle liftoff

(AP Photo/Stefanie Gordon)

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The Greatest Cities on Earth Shining into Space has published a gallery of incredible photographs taken from the space station and space shuttle missions by NASA. The photos show cities around the world lit up at night with certain photos showing a phenomenon called “airglow”, which is a white light or glow outlining the curvature of the earth. Pictures of American cities include a nice shot of the east coast with Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut; another excellent image shows Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana with airglow.

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