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Six of the Snowiest Cities in the United States examined the 30-year average annual snowfall data from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center and compiled a list of America’s 6 snowiest cities. They limited the list to cities that had a population of at least 1,000 as of the latest census data. Unincorporated towns, mountain parks, and ranger stations were not included.

6. Boonville, New York

Average yearly snow: 193.7”

 5. Leed, South Dakota

Average yearly snow: 201.4”

 4. Truckee, California

Average yearly snow: 202.6”

 3. Hancock, Michigan

Average yearly snow: 211.7”

 2. Crested Butte, Colorado

Average yearly snow: 215.8”

 1. Valdez, Alaska

Average yearly snow: 326.3”

Valdez, Alaska takes the cake with an average yearly snowfall that totals over 27-feet high. Just to get an idea, that is a little more than three times taller than the tallest human on record, double the height of a one-story home, and almost hits the top of a football goalpost!

To read more on the six snowiest cities in America, visit the original article which can be found here.


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First LEED Certified NFL Stadium Ever Coming to LA is reporting that the First LEED Certified NFL Stadium Ever is Coming to LA. The stadium, designed to be a multi-purpose venue will be built into the existing topography which will reduce the amount of steel needed for structural support by 40%. It will also feature large swaths of area will be green space and help infiltrate storm water. Designed by global architecture firm, Aedas, this stadium should be one of the most environmentally progressive stadium in the U.S.

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