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What to do if You’re Stuck at a Busy Airport

Layovers at an airport are rarely fun especially when you didn’t plan for them. Portable electronics are good to pass the time but they have a limited battery life and terminals don’t have many power outlets to supply you with the juice you need. Typically they end up with you munching on overpriced, sub-par airport food while reading a magazine you got at a newsstand. Boring as that may be, sitting around in the terminal at least allows you to be ready to go when the plane is. But if you have more than about 4 hours before your next flight, you can afford to be a little more adventitious and leave the airport. The problem with that move is where should you go? Airports are usually on the outskirts of cities and many of the best places to check out are further away.

Airfare Watchdog has a great post up now that gives you some great recommendations for things to do if you’re laid over at some of the world’s busiest airports depending on how long you’re laid over. They lay out the most cost-effective airline lounges and some cool things to check out that are pretty close to the airport. After reading that I’m quite convinced now that Las Vegas is probably the best city in the world to have a layover in. McCarran Airport is a 10 minute cab ride from the Strip and all of the fun things you can do there.

In Vegas you don’t need to go very far if you need to skip town.

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Top Cities For People Under 35

How does one measure the attractiveness of a city for young people? Job availability? Cheap rent? a good bar scene? Vocativ just released a pretty exhaustive list to determine exactly that using twenty separate factors including average rent, salary, unemployment rate, cost of living, coffee shops and bars per capita, cost of beer and cigarettes, and cheap take-out restaurants per capita. All of these factors were measured for the 50 most populated cities in America and a list was aggregated. The top ten are below:

1. Portland, OR
2. Austin, TX
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Seattle, WA
5. Minneapolis, MN
6. Las Vegas, NV
7. Atlanta, GA
8. Long Beach, CA
9. Denver, CO
10. Phoenix, AZ


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The 10 Most Awesome Pools In the World has a list of The 10 Most Awesome Pools In the World. Three of the ten are located in the United States. They are:

Joule Hotel, Dallas – Formerly the Dallas National Bank Building, the Joule Hotel features a pool protruding out of one of its balconies.

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232 West 15th Street, New York – Inside a historic townhouse on the border between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District sits a 18 feet pool that is 8 feet deep.

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Aquarium Pool at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas – Swimmers can swim side by side with fish and sharks at the Golden Nugget. A 50-by-30-foot aquarium is stocked with fish, sharks, and stingrays in the middle of its pool. It even has a waterslide tube that runs through it.

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Lego Replica of Las Vegas

A team of LEGO artists conjoined to create a small replica of Las Vegas from 24 million LEGO bricks. They have recreated almost every significant building in Las Vegas especially those with unique style such as pyramid-like Las Vegas Luxor hotel or Paris Las Vegas. Visitors can see this exhibit in Legoland California.

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Top 25 Cities For Artists & Designers has named the Top 25 Cities For Designers and Artists. The criteria for the list included the cities’ growth rates, average salaries, costs of living and the rate of unemployment increase since February 2008. Some notable cities on the list include Hartford, CT which made #24 on the list and Nashville, TN which was #15 on the list.

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Stunning photos of Sin City

Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes captured incredible aerial images of Las Vegas at night. In order to capture the images, he used a state-of-the-art gyroscopic tripod for his camera and a low flying helicopter. The photo shoot took nine flights and 15 hours of air time to complete. All of Hawkes’s Las Vegas photos will be published in a book called Las Vegas At Night.

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The Rental Market and Corporate Housing

For months, U.S. vacancy rates have been increasingly high across the board. In July 2009, apartment vacancy rates hit a 22-year high during what is usually the peak season for leasing. Although it was expected that those unable to afford homes would turn to renting, the overwhelming amount of job losses led to high vacancy rates. The positive aspect for  those in the market to rent is that rents are falling faster than they have in over a decade. The most drastic fall in rental rates has affected the markets of New York, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Orange County California. While some markets, where unemployment rates are not as high, have seen a small growth in renting rates, such as in suburban Maryland and in Washington, D.C.

So what does this rental environment mean for corporate housing? While the corporate housing industry cannot completely escape the weak economy, corporate housing occupancy has generally remained high because providers can remove and add units according to demand. Also, temporary housing is more appealing to consumers during times of economic distress. Unlike most average apartment rentals that require a year lease, most corporate housing providers only require a 30-night minimum, which is easier for customers to grasp financially. Also, many relocating employees are coming into the market with a far different idea of renting and leasing than your average renter. These renters/employees have corporate jobs and salaries that can pay the rent. Also, no matter what the economic environment, corporate housing remains a strong alternative to simple and unfriendly hotel rooms.

Read one of The Wall Street Journal’s full article’s on the rental market.