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There’s About $1 Billion Worth of Unredeemed Gift Cards in America

I never liked getting store gift cards as a present. The intent is certainly nice. The person giving it to you usually has no idea what you actually want and they’re giving you some money towards something you can get for yourself. This is what annoys me though. Many gift cards have expiration dates and restrict you to buying from a certain store. If that store has what you really want then that’s fine but what if it doesn’t? What do you do then? Gift cards are incredibly easy to re-gift and you could always sell it off on a site like Cardpool for some actual cash.

There are some people who absolutely love gift cards and those are the stores that sell them. Why is that? There is a good chance that a customer with a gift card will either spend more than the entire value of the gift card on their trip or they’ll spend less than the card’s value. Either way the store makes more money than if the customer was paying the total sticker price of their purchases. Also every year about one percent of the total balances on gift cards go unredeemed. Considering that about over $100 billion worth of gift cards are sold each year, that comes out to about $1 billion in pure profit retailers get every year. I’m not against businesses making money but I hate seeing stories of consumers wasting money. If you’re considering buying someone a gift card for Christmas this year, just give them some cold hard cash instead. It may seem a bit more impersonal but the recipient has way more options on what they can do with it and it will be more appreciated.

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12 things not to buy during holidays

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine gives holiday shoppers an important list of 12 things not to buy during holidays. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, but in these tough economic times, your best bet may be to buy these 12 items before or after the holiday season. While it seems every store you can imagine is in the midst of holiday sales and specials, you may save even more money by holding off on purchasing the following items:

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1: Laptops

2: Cameras

3: Skis

4: Bicycles

5: Cars

6: Cruises

7: Luggage

8: Jewelry

9: Linens

10: Tools

11: Suits

12: Broadway Tickets

Downtown DC Holiday Market 2012

While in Washington DC this month, be sure to swing by The 8th Annual Downtown Holiday Market, (F Street sidewalk in front of the Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery between 7th & 9th Streets, NW) and pick up a one of a kind gift for whomever you’re shopping for. This festive shopping village runs through December 23rd, and is open from 12:00pm – 8:00pm daily, featuring more than 180 regional crafters and artisans as well as boutique businesses that produce ethnic goods. Each day 60 exhibitors will sell all sorts of gifts including pottery, painting, and jewelry so be sure to stop more than once as exhibitors will change daily!

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