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How to Efficiently Pack a Suitcase

The widespread implementation of checked bag fees has made all of us want to travel lighter and bring more with less bags. It turns out though that many of us don’t know how to get the most out of a suitcase. Packing efficiently will save you lots of time, money and space wherever you go and Gizmodo has a great article on how to do just that. Here’s their main points:

Don’t bring what you don’t need:
Here’s how much of each article of clothing you should pack and it’s not as many as you think:

Socks and underwear: One pair of each per day traveled.
Shirts and dresses: Two less than the total trip length. Wear the same outfit on the flight there and back.
Pants: A pair of jeans for every other day. These can be replaced with slacks if the occasion calls for them.
Shoes: A pair of sneakers or sandals. Bring boots or formal shoes if needed. If you need to bring boots, wear them on the flight.
Coats and Jackets: Wear these on your flight. If you’re going to a warm weather destination don’t even bother with them.
Toiletries: Pack the essentials in a small bag. Make sure any liquids are in a TSA compliant container.

Know the Weather: Take a look at the extended forecast for your destination and pack accordingly.

Roll or Fold:
Roll anything that you don’t mind getting wrinkled. It is far more space efficient. Folding should only be reserved for nicer clothing that you don’t want to iron later.

The Order of Packing:

1. Stuff your shoes full with socks and underwear and put the shoes in first.
2. Put in your heaver rolled items like jeans and sweatshirts squeezed in as tightly as possible.
3 (optional). Put in any fragile items you have. Putting them in the middle will make sure they’re cushioned at all times.
4. Put in the lighter tightly rolled items like t-shirts and underwear
5. On top of all of that place your nicer, folded clothing.
6. Stuff any other lightweight items into the sides.
7. Put your toiletries bag on top.

Coming Home
You can be less precise in your packing on the return trip. I recommend investing in a compressor bag like this one for all of your dirty clothes. At this point you probably don’t really care about wrinkling your dirty clothes so just use a compressor bag to drastically reduce the space taken up by your clothing. This will allow you ample space to fit souvenirs from your trip.

This doesn’t have to be you.

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Things You Should Pack to Survive the Worst Parts of Flying

Today many people will be flying all over the country to be with their families tomorrow on Thanksgiving and the skies will be packed with many infrequent flyers. Add to that some miserable weather in one of the busiest areas of the country and you have a flyer’s nightmare on your hands. However, many of these common flying woes are entirely predictable and with some strategic packing you can make a bad experience more tolerable. Lifehacker has a great article up listing some of the best things you should pack in your carry-on to help you combat some of the most common problems encountered during a flight.

Problem: Your flight is delayed.
Solution: Always bring something to entertain yourself like a book, magazine, e-reader, computer, or tablet.

Problem: The plane runs out of food or drinks.
Solution: Always pack an empty water bottle that you can refill after you pass through security and have a few small snacks ready. I always make sure to pack a few granola bars.

Problem: Your electronics are running out of battery life and you have no place to charge them.
Solution: A USB backup battery is a great thing to have handy for these situations. These batteries can give a much needed charge to anything chargeable with a USB cable which includes most of today’s smartphones and tablets.

Problem: Parts of your body are starting to hurt from sitting in the plane’s torture devices economy class seats for too long.
Solution: Pillows and pills. You can get some great portable pillows to support your neck in the terminal and any spare clothing you bring can make an improvised lumbar pillow. It may be wise to bring some over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen to help dull some of the pain you’re feeling on the flight.

If your airport looks like this, chances are no one is going anywhere for a while.

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Five Ways To Make Air Travel Easier

We’re fast approaching the summer and with it much busier airports. Less frequent air travelers are far more likely to take to the skies in the summer for their vacation and their flying inexperience can irk more seasoned travelers. They’re not as familiar with things all of the rules regarding airport security and the etiquette of storing carry-on luggage. Forbes recently wrote a piece outlining five simple things you can do to improve your flying experience no matter how frequently you fly and it is incredibly sound advice. Here’s what they recommend:

Avoid Flying During Peak Hours – Peak hours for flight departures are between 7:00 am and 9:00 am and between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Avoiding these hours will result in shorter lines through security and your plane will be more likely to board and take off on time. The most reliable departure time is by far the 6:00 am flights because the plane is just about guaranteed to be at the airport for the first flight of the day.

Board Without Baggage – Being able to not check bags is wonderful. If all you have are carry-ons you can be out of the airport shortly after your flight lands instead of waiting at a baggage claim and you don’t have to pay any baggage fees. However, airlines are starting to get more strict about what types of bags you can and can’t carry on as fights over overhead compartments become more and more common. If you have luggage you might otherwise have to check consider shipping it to your destination in advance as an alternative.

Grab The Bulkhead – Bulkhead seats have a number of advantages. These include more legroom, easier access to the bathroom, being the first to get snacks and drinks, and getting off the plane quicker when it lands. Keep in mind that airlines may charge more for these seats. A full list of the pros and cons of bulkhead seating can be found here.

Study Airport Maps – Not only does it help to know where you’re going when you have to transfer to another flight, but knowing information like the location of restaurants and bathrooms is incredibly very useful. If you already have an idea of where everything is in an unfamiliar airport, it can greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel during a layover.

Be Nice – Air travel can be incredibly stressful and that stress puts many passengers in a bad mood when they fly. However stressed you may feel, don’t take it out on the airline staff. They have to deal with cranky people all day who have problems that they’re in no position to solve. Even if you’re feeling cranky be polite to everyone. Being polite will get you far better service than being rude. Also if you are well prepared to deal with the unexpected that can make the process of air travel far less stressful for everyone. I’ve also found from personal experience that giving a flight attendant a piece of candy will instantly make you their favorite passenger.

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