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Washington DC Gets Its First Cupcake Truck

Another cupcake option recently rolled onto the streets of Washington DC. Curbside Cupcakes, sellingĀ  five flavors of cupcakes out of a bubblegum-pink truck, is Washington DC’s latest food trend. The cupcakes are $3 and come in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, chocolate mocha, and vanilla with chocolate frosting.

While new in the DC area, mobile snack trucks have been a staple of New York City streets since Dessert Truck opened up for business in 2007. Competition snack trucks such as Cupcake Stop and Treats Truck quickly followed Dessert Truck’s successful business model.

Staying in one of Churchill’s no-fee, short term apartments in the Washington DC or New York City? Be sure to stop by one of these trucks for a tasty treat.