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Outrageous Hotel Fees and How to Avoid Them

Chances are you’ve probably been slammed by hidden airline fees you can’t avoid often when you’re at the airport an hour before your flight. At that moment it turns out that the airfare you thought you were paying wasn’t as cheap as you thought. Well the same thing is starting to happen in the hotel industry and it isn’t pretty. All told US hotels are expected to collect about $2.1 billion in fees this year. If you’re going to stay at a hotel, Galding has a list of a few charges you could see tacked on to the final bill:

1. Charges for donations to local charities without your consent.
2. Bellhop service charges even if you didn’t use them.
3. Housekeeping charges.
4. Charges for using the business center, fitness center or other amenities.
5. Charging extra for a new set of clean towels or sheets.
6. Adding fees for using the in-room coffeemaker.
7. Sometimes guests are charged for the in-room safe, even if it’s not used.
8. Package delivery fees are applied for receiving mail.
9. Bills at some hotels now include an “energy surcharge.”
10. Paying steep fees to use the internet.
11. Early checkout fees.

There are however some things that you can do about this. First of all, always carefully look though the bill when you’re checking out of a hotel and dispute any fees they’re charging you for things you didn’t use. It is possible to have many of these charges dropped by negotiating with a manager. I think that Joe Sharkey of the New York Times offers a better solution though. Whenever possible try to stay at mid-level hotels that cater primarily to business travelers. Many of these hotels offer a wider range of services and amenities which are built into the nightly rate they advertise. You may be paying a higher nightly rate but you can rest assured that you won’t have any nasty surprises when you look at the bill when it’s time to check out.

Don’t hand over your credit card too quickly.

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The Truth Behind the Most Popular Corporate Housing Myths

In her April 2009 Mobility article, Corporate Housing Myths Debunked, Kimberly Smith discusses some of the most important aspects of the corporate housing market and debunks some of the most famous myths associated with the industry.

True or False – Corporate Housing Is Just an Extended Stay Hotel in Disguise


Compared to Hotels, Corporate Housing Offers:

– Cheaper temporary housing
– Apartments and townhouses with more square footage
– A like-home feel in a residential environment
– Many more amenities, such as housekeeping and full-kitchens
– Safety provided by on-site 24-hour security

True or FalseA Company Can Easily Do Corporate Housing for Less


Companies who try to offer their own corporate housing most often end up handing over the corporate relocation to corporate providers who have it down to a science. Factoring in the set-up costs, delivery fees, and the money that goes into furnishing the apartment and keeping up the utilities, as well as the time involved in setting up corporate housing, most companies cannot afford to handle corporate housing themselves.

True or FalseCorporate Housing Is For People Other Than Just the Business Traveler


Although the corporate housing industry is known for catering to business executives and relocating professionals, corporate housing is also widely used by:
-Traveling nurses
-Military personnel
-Displaced homeowners
-Government officials
-Students attending college
-Families in between homes

True or FalseNot All Corporate Housing Companies and Leasing Agents are the Same


There are several different companies who provide temporary housing. They differ by several factors:

Churchill Corporate Services is an industry leader with affordable rates and a wide-selection of temporary housing locations. Some of Churchill’s other services include furniture rental, disaster housing, and apartment management.

Endless Options for Those Seeking Temporary Housing

As the temporary housing industry continues to grow, more options become available to those relocating or seeking corporate apartments. Mobility’s “Diverse Choices for Temporary Corporate Housing” thoroughly explores the temporary housing options that are available in several top markets, such as Atlanta, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Minnesota. The article also goes into detail about the differences between the temporary housing and the extended stay hotels. Check out the entire Mobility article.

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