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Churchill’s Furnished Housing is This Week’s “Real.Est. List Spotlight” Piece on BrickUnderground

BrickUnderground is one of New York City’s most trustworthy and popular sources for real estate advice. With over 65,000 visitors to their website each month, they strive to provide educational information for those seeking solutions to their real-estate and apartment-dwelling needs in the Big Apple.

This week’s piece on their “Real.Est. List Spotlight” was on Churchill’s furnished housing. It provides a great deal of detail on the ins and outs of renting one of our corporate apartments and we are grateful to have had the opportunity for our company and services be featured.

Check out the full article here to learn more about what we have to offer our clients!

BrickUnderground's Article

Churchill has short-term corporate housing available in New York City and other cities Nationwide. Please contact us at 866-255-0593 or for more information.


Churchill Corporate Services Donates Furniture to Habitat for Humanity to Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims

To aide in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Churchill Corporate Services is donating furniture to the New Jersey’s Ocean County Habitat for Humanity. Donations include 30 dining room sets, 15 living room sets, 15 bedroom sets and many other accessories – with a total retail price of approximately $40,000. The furniture donations will go out to Ocean county areas which sustained massive damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Churchill’s Services include Short-Term Unfurnished Housing, Furniture Rental, Apartment Management and Concierge Services. Churchill has been providing these services for over 30 years, from locations throughout the East Coast in NY, NJ, MA, DC, and FL. Visit Churchill at

Photo courtesy of: Churchill Corporate Services

Photo courtesy of: Churchill Corporate Services

Top 10 Most Dog Friendly Cities in America has compiled their list of the Top 10 Most Dog Friendly Cities in America. The top five cities on the list are Chicago, New York, Orlando, Colorado Springs and Austin. Austin takes the top spot with its 12 off-leash parks and a large number of animal friendly restaurants and stores.

Churchill has a large selection of pet-friendly apartments on the east coast and nationwide. Please contact us at 866-255-0593 or email for more information.

Sneak Peek of 9/11 Memorial Fountains offers a sneak peek at 9/11 Memorial Fountains. Architect Michael Arad, winner of the  World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition, has been working on the 9/11 memorial project for more than seven years. He recently tested a mockup of the fountain concept named “Reflecting Absence” which will eventually become the centerpiece of a new park at the World Trade Center site.

Churchill has short-term, temporary housing available throughout Manhattan. Please call 866-255-0593 or email for more info.

Arizona Decides to Close 13 State Parks

On January 15th, 2010, the Arizona State Parks Board has decided to close 13 State Parks due to budgetary reasons. The remaining parks will have revised fees and hours of operation.

The first wave of closures will start on February 22 and will include Homolovi Ruins State Park in Winslow, Lyman Lake State Park in St. Johns and Riordan Mansion State Historic Park in Flagstaff.

Other parks that will close in later waves include Fort Verde State Historic Park in Camp Verde, Roper Lake State Park in Safford, Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, Tonto Natural Bridge State Park near Payson, Alamo Lake State Park in Wenden, Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, Picacho Peak State Park and Red Rock State Park in Sedona.

If you are staying in one of Churchill’s temporary corporate apartments in Arizona, it would be a great time to see these parks before they are shut down.

Aerial Photos of Snowy Washington DC

A member of the United States Park Police Rescue took aerial photos of Washington DC after the February 6th snow storm. The gallery includes photos of Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, and the World War II Memorial, among others. The snow storm set a record with 32.4 inches of snow fell on Washington’s Dulles International Airport over two days, breaking a January 7-8, 1996, record of 23.2 inches.

Are you in need of temporary housing in the Washington DC area? Contact us at 866-255-0593 or email for more information.

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The Chrysler Building takes a look into the Chrysler Building with historic photos from 1929 to the present. Construction began in 1928 and was finished in 1930. This rapid time-line required workers to build four floors per week. Surprisingly, there were no causalities during construction and the building was the world’s tallest building after its completion. The Chrysler Building held the title as the tallest building in the world for 11 months; the Empire State Building took over the title in 1931. One of the most unique features on the Chrysler building is the art deco “crown”; the building was designed by William Van Alen.

Churchill has short-term corporate housing close to landmarks like the Chrysler Building in New York City. Please call 800-658-7366 or email for more info.

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Arlington Cemetery takes a look at the Hallowed Grounds of the Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery, located in Arlington, Virginia, was established as a place of military burial during the American Civil War. More than 300,000 veterans are buried here. The first soldier buried at Arlington was interred on May 13, 1864 and  died of measles during the Civil War.

Visiting Arlington? Churchill has short term housing available in the Arlington area. Please contact us at 800-481-6508 or email for more info.

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Applications to Colleges Are Breaking Records ‘s article, “Applications to Colleges Are Breaking Records“, reports that many colleges are seeing double digit increases in applications from last year. Officials from schools have credited aggressive recruiting and the ease of online applications for the increase in applicants. But another big reason is the economy. According to David G. Payne, the Educational Testing Service’s vice president and chief operating officer for college and graduate programs, “When job creation slows, there’s an increase in the number of people who pursue a graduate degree.”

Are you looking for alternatives to college dormitories? Churchill has temporary housing solutions in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and nationwide. Please contact us at 866-255-0593 or email us for more details.

National Geographic’s Top Travel Wallpapers has many wallpapers and screensavers for your computer. They feature stunning photography from some of the world’s best photographers.  Some of our favorites are:

Chicago City Lights – A photo of Chicago at night taken from high above.

MacArthur Causeway Bridge – Located in Miami, this photo shows the bridge in a different light.

Statue of Liberty – A shot of the iconic statue located on Ellis Island.

Churchill has corporate rentals available in Chicago, Miami, New York and Nationwide. Please call us at 866-255-0593 or email us for more information.

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