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Top Ten Cities Where Buying is Better Than Renting

The question of whether to buy or rent is sometimes a tough one if you’re going to be living in an area long-term. By buying, your higher mortgage payments are going towards building up a personal financial asset, home equity, rather than just paying for the right to stay in a building for a set period of time. Personal finance experts have come up with this rule of thumb to answer that question called the price-to-rent ratio. The price-to-rent ratio is derived by dividing the average asking price for buying a home by the average asking rent in the area. If that number is greater than 15 it makes more sense to rent and if that number is less than 15 it makes more sense to buy. Forbes recently put together a list of the top ten big cities that have the lowest price-to-rent ratios. If you’re going to be living in these cities for a while, buying a home would be by far the wisest decision:

1. Detroit, MI
2. Oklahoma City, OK
3. Dayton, OH
4. Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI
5. Toledo, OH
6. Grand Rapids, MI
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Atlanta, GA
9. Gary, IN
10. Memphis, TN

Detroit, MI

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Churchill’s Furnished Housing is This Week’s “Real.Est. List Spotlight” Piece on BrickUnderground

BrickUnderground is one of New York City’s most trustworthy and popular sources for real estate advice. With over 65,000 visitors to their website each month, they strive to provide educational information for those seeking solutions to their real-estate and apartment-dwelling needs in the Big Apple.

This week’s piece on their “Real.Est. List Spotlight” was on Churchill’s furnished housing. It provides a great deal of detail on the ins and outs of renting one of our corporate apartments and we are grateful to have had the opportunity for our company and services be featured.

Check out the full article here to learn more about what we have to offer our clients!

BrickUnderground's Article

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Churchill Corporate Services Donates Furniture to Habitat for Humanity to Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims

To aide in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Churchill Corporate Services is donating furniture to the New Jersey’s Ocean County Habitat for Humanity. Donations include 30 dining room sets, 15 living room sets, 15 bedroom sets and many other accessories – with a total retail price of approximately $40,000. The furniture donations will go out to Ocean county areas which sustained massive damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Churchill’s Services include Short-Term Unfurnished Housing, Furniture Rental, Apartment Management and Concierge Services. Churchill has been providing these services for over 30 years, from locations throughout the East Coast in NY, NJ, MA, DC, and FL. Visit Churchill at

Photo courtesy of: Churchill Corporate Services

Photo courtesy of: Churchill Corporate Services

Why Choose Churchill Furniture Rental?

We are very happy to present our readers with a brief new video providing information on Churchill’s furniture rental. Please take a moment to watch this video and contact us with any inquiries.

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5 Housing Markets on the Way Up features a new list analyzed and compiled by Housing Predictor of 5 housing markets on the way up. With home prices continuing to fall, now could be the best time for you to snatch a great deal and make a profitable investment in one of these desirable markets. Projected to provide double-digit gains in the next 5 years, these areas are known to have growing job prospects and a stronger economic environment than other areas looked at in comparison. This list is certainly worth taking a look at if you are in the market to invest in a new home.

Here is a  look at the 5 that made the list:

  1. Miami, Florida
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Los Altos, California
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Medford, Oregon

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Living on the Cheap: Forbes Cheapest Places to Live

With more and more Americans watching their wallets in today’s unsettling economic environment, Forbes’ “America’s 100 Cheapest Places to Live” couldn’t have come at a better time. With a wide-range of locales making the list, an eclectic blend of growing cities, suburban landscapes, and rural-based towns, people looking to relocate are provided with a diverse list to choose from.

The positive aspect to lists like this one is that it gives us hope that there are still areas in the United States where the cost of living is not so overwhelming. However, a list like this can be misleading, especially as many areas in the United States are still dealing with economic struggle. While there are cities on this list that are safe bets to a cheaper way of living, some of these cities still do not have a large supply of jobs for those moving in. Also, rates of pay are far less than what some may be used to in areas, such as from the Washington, D.C. and New York metropolitan areas.

This brings up an important point when discussing living on the cheap. In the twenty-first century many Americans have become accustomed to living on higher salaries and therefore have become used to a higher cost of living. As Americans are losing their jobs and receiving cuts in pay and general everyday costs are still high, we have to tailor our spending to reflect these changes. So while the cost of living is undeniably too high in some areas of the United States, we cannot forget that wherever we go, the only way that American population can live “cheaply” is by moving onto another standard of living.

Read the complete list of Forbes’ America’s Cheapest Places to Live

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The Best Cities for Working Mothers has published an interactive map of The Best Cities for Working Mothers. The map is based on Forbes’ rankings over multiple areas and includes safety, education, and health care as part of the criteria. The map includes 11 overlays, some of the included overlays are highest income, lowest unemployment rate, lowest cost of living, lowest cost for health care and best pediatricians.

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The Best Jobs in America has released their list of The Best Jobs in America. They chart shows the top 35 professions with information such as total jobs in the sector, median salary and top pay. The top 5 jobs on the list are systems engineer, physician assistant, college professor, nurse practitioner, and IT project manager.

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Top 25 Cities For Artists & Designers has named the Top 25 Cities For Designers and Artists. The criteria for the list included the cities’ growth rates, average salaries, costs of living and the rate of unemployment increase since February 2008. Some notable cities on the list include Hartford, CT which made #24 on the list and Nashville, TN which was #15 on the list.

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New York’s ‘Skinniest House’ Sells for 2 Million Dollars reports that New York’s ‘skinniest house’ was recently sold for 2.1 million dollars. The house, located in Greenwich Village, is 9.5 feet wide and 30 feet deep, making it the narrowest house in Manhattan. Records from the The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation show that the house was built in 1873 on land that was once an alley way between buildings. The house has 3 floors with a total of about 1,500 square foot of interior space. It was home to several famous people such as John Barrymore and Carry Grant. The has a complete slideshow of the interior and exterior of the building.

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