New York City in the 1990s

New York City or really any major city in the world is in a constant state of change. Old buildings are being torn down while new ones rise up to take their place. Even more buildings are finding themselves remodeled to meet the needs of their current occupants. New business are starting up while others are shutting down. New bike sharing programs are being added to the streets while old rail lines are becoming public parks. I received a reminder about this fact of life when I saw this wonderful collection of photographs of New York City in the 1990s. I always find it somewhat remarkable seeing pictures of old businesses that no longer exist even going back to the not-too-distant past of the 1990s. Pictures like these are a good way to tell what has changed and what has stayed the same over time.

That was back when MTV actually broadcasted music.

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1 Response to “New York City in the 1990s”

  1. 1 neenslewy December 18, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    It is amazing isn’t it – that 20 odd years – really not that long ago brings so much change to a city – over here in the UK the ‘historical’ regeneration of many of our main cities was in the 70’s and now those buildings are being modernised, updated or destroyed and many main sites have a shiny, futuristic design, architecture based on shape and have huge impact to the changing skyline. I struggled at first to have all my landmarks wiped away and I liked the circular concrete ramps of the 70’s and the Chinese lanterns hanging in the underpasses. Now I liked the fact that the city is safer to walk in at visible ground level and that everything is shiny and new and slightly strange with stories hidden in the aesthetic design.
    Thought provoking post. I would love to see more of the old pictures.

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