Squats Get You Subway Tickets in Moscow

Early next year the Winter Olympics are going to be held in Russia and the marketing efforts for them are already in full swing. The city of Moscow in particular is pulling a unique stunt that has never been done before and is accepting a new alternate form of payment to ride on their subway system, squats. In lieu of a fare of 30 rubles (about $0.92) for a single ride you can go a special ticket machine and pay for your ride with 30 squats. Considering that the Moscow subway system has the second highest ridership of any subway system in the world, that’s a whole lot of squats being performed. The goal seems to be to promote fitness in advance of the Olympic Games and that seems to be a pretty good way to do so. I know If I were a Russian who used the Moscow subway for my commute I would abuse the hell out of this every day even if I would only be saving a dollar at a time. I also have to say that I wish that New York’s MTA had fares like Moscow. New York’s fares are almost three times more expensive than Moscow’s and you can’t even do 90 squats to get a ticket either.

The video is all in Russian but you get the idea.

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