Scientist Invents a Safer Version of Alcohol

Many of us are well aware of the consequences of drinking too much too fast. It’s one of those lessons in life that are best learned the hard way by spending a rather unpleasant night in the bathroom. Of course such disastrous effects can be avoided by not consuming alcohol at all but that would mean giving up the buzz of moderated, responsible drinking that many of us enjoy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to enjoy the effects of our favorite hard drinks while not having to suffer the negative consequences and being able to sober up within minutes if you want to?

Well it turns out that we are very close to that being a reality. British neuroscientist David Nutt has developed several chemical compounds that will produce the same effect of an alcoholic buzz if consumed with a corresponding antidote that can reverse the effects in minutes. The goal was to create an alcohol substitute that can make you more sociable and relaxed without the undesirable side effects of addiction and aggressiveness that occur with regular alcohol. By developing this he hopes to make drinking healthier and its effects more controllable. Something exactly like this called synthehol was invented in the Star Trek TV shows and this is yet another example of how what used to be science fiction decades ago is now becoming reality today. Don’t expect Nutt’s inventions to be on the market anytime soon though. The day when you can get one of his inventions at your local liquor store is at least several years away.

Even with the advent of syntheol, that’s not how Scotty rolled.

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