Cemeteries Increase Home Values

Buying any kind of famous haunted house is generally not a very good financial move. Sure you may get a decent deal on the house but the “haunted” status is what is driving down the price. It turns out that people don’t want to live in a house that they’re afraid of and you’ll probably have a very hard time if you want to sell the house yourself. However, in the spirit of Halloween there is something morbid that actually increases home values, cemeteries. According to a recent article by Redfin houses that are within 50 feet of a cemetery have an average home value that is 13 percent higher per square foot than the other houses in the area. Why is this? A well-maintained cemetery can be beautiful in a way but the real reason is that they’re quiet. It turns out that dead people make far less noise than living people and that’s a definite plus to people who want to live in a quiet neighborhood. Also older cemeteries can add a historical value to the surrounding properties. Some people may find it really cool to live by a graveyard with tombstones that date from the 1700s. So remember this on Halloween; while haunted houses may not sell for much, a house right next to a graveyard will sell for a premium.

I love quiet neighbors.

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