New York City’s Silent Restaurant

Most of us enjoy silence in the right situations. When I want to go to sleep at night I want complete darkness and silence in my bedroom. But would you go out to dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t allow you to speak?

That is what one restaurant in Brooklyn is doing. Inspired by Buddhist monks in India who eat their breakfast in complete silence, the owner of Eat in Brooklyn is having certain nights where no one in the dining room is allowed to speak ever. On these nights all diners are served the same four course meal for $40 per person so no words need to be spoken to order food. The only noises that are heard in the dining room are background noise from the street and the kitchen and the sounds of people eating.

This is an interesting little novelty and I think it is a cool idea for a restaurant to stand out in New York City’s extremely competitive restaurant market. They are also wise to impose these rules only on select nights because novelties can wear off pretty quickly. Diners at the restaurant seemed to enjoy the experience though because they knew what they were getting into.

A restaurant where no one speaks with their mouth full.

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