The World’s Most and Least Honest Cities

Would you return a lost wallet loaded with money and the owner’s contact information? That’s what reporters from Reader’s Digest tried to find out. In an attempt to find the most and least honest cities in the world they went to sixteen cities and deliberately misplaced some wallets. It turns out that the most honest city they tested was Helsinki, Finland where all but one of the lost wallets was returned. The least honest city tested was Lisbon, Portugal where only one wallet was returned and that one honest person was a Dutch tourist. The lone American city tested was New York City and it turned out to be more honest than most of the cities tested, returning 8 out of 12 wallets. More interesting was that age, gender, and income played no significant role in determining who would return a wallet. Here is a list of all the cities and the number of wallets that their citizens returned (out of 12):

Lisbon, Portugal: 1
Madrid, Spain: 2
Prague, Czech Republic: 3
Zurich, Switzerland: 4
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 4
Bucharest, Romania: 4
Warsaw, Poland: 5
London, UK: 5
Ljubljana, Slovenia: 6
Berlin, Germany: 6
Amsterdam, Netherlands: 7
Moscow, Russia: 7
New York City, USA: 8
Budapest, Hungary: 8
Mumbai, India: 9
Helsinki, Finland: 11

The Finns may speak a crazy language but they won’t steal your wallet.

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