Illegal Fantasy Football?

With the passing of Labor Day, fall is now upon us and so is football season. For millions of Americans the start of the NFL’s regular season means the beginning of millions of fantasy football leagues. By this point most fantasy drafts are done and rosters are being set for Thursday’s games. However, it turns out that in some states some fantasy football leagues are illegal. It turns out that certain states have gambling laws that would technically make playing fantasy football for a cash prize illegal. Those states define illegal gambling as betting on an event where random chance can possibly play into the result. As a result if you’re playing in a fantasy league with money involved and you live in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, or Tennessee keep the money part of your fantasy league quiet because you’re probably breaking the law. I wish the best of luck to all of your creatively named fantasy teams this season.

As an aside back when I played fantasy football regularly, I think I got the greatest fantasy draft steal of all time. In the summer of 2007 I drafted Tom Brady in the fifth round in my league. He went on to throw 50 touchdowns that season, a feat no quarterback has achieved before or since. I then lost in the first round of the playoffs in part because the Patriots had already locked up home field advantage and Bill Belichick sat Brady in the second half of the game to keep him healthy for the playoffs.

Bill Belichick: He admitted to cheating and screwed me out of a fantasy title.

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