Gannon’s Castle is on the Market

Have you ever played a video game and come across a piece of real estate that you wondered how much it would cost in the real world? It turns out that a market exists for real estate that only exists as virtual data on your monitor. In MMOs like Second Life people actually spend real-life money on virtual real estate. But what about those of us that aren’t into MMOs and hearken back to a time when every last game wasn’t connected to the internet? What about something like property values in Princess Zelda’s kingdom of Hyrule inside a Nintendo 64 cartridge? Well it turns out we know that too.

Randy Nelson of Moveto recently calculated what the value of Zelda villain Gannondorf’s castle from Ocarina of Time. To do this he first measured out the dimensions of the castle using adult Link as a measuring stick. He then researched the real estate values of castles in the Italian province of Tuscany, which is the land that Hyrule is based off of. He then found a similar looking castle that was valued at $1372 per square foot, and applied that price to the square footage of Gannon’s castle. The final price ended up being $57,752,968. It’s also important to consider that that price was probably much higher six years ago since Italy had a real estate bubble that popped around the same time America’s did. I just wonder how many Hyrulian rupees that translates to.

Buy Ganon's Castle

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