The Price of Beer Per Ounce in Baseball Stadiums

Here’s an interesting exercise to try. The next time you go to a professional sporting event compare the prices of food and drinks at the concession stands to the prices you would see at your local supermarket. With no competition inside the stadium and restrictions on what you can bring inside, prices get marked up to absurd levels that few other businesses could ever get away with. No where is this more apparent than with the price of beer. The last time I drank beer at a sporting event was last year at Yankee Stadium and a 16 oz cup cost $9. The only reason I even got it was because I wasn’t the one paying for it.

At least with alcohol sales there is a real social incentive to charge exorbitant prices for otherwise cheap beer. Drunk fans can cause some real problems and if a fan really wants to buy enough beer to get completely hammered the team wants to make a killing off of them in the process. The stadiums also stop selling alcohol at a certain point in the game like the fourth quarter in football and basketball or the seventh inning in baseball. Also the last time a sports team in America tried to run a promotion selling excessively cheap alcohol, the game ended with thousands of fans rioting on the field. Although beer is expensive in stadiums, the prices and portions are not equal. This means that in certain stadiums you get far more beer for your buck. Team Marketing Report has put together a great infographic showing the price of beer per ounce in every Major League Baseball stadium this year:

The Red Sox and the Cardinals get the worst of it by far but at least they have great teams that are winning this year. On the other side you have teams like the Angels and Diamondbacks where you can get two beers for the same price as one beer in Fenway Park. The fans I feel the worst for though are bad teams with expensive beer like the Mets, Nationals, and Mariners. Speaking as a Met fan, their performance on the field and their owner’s cozy relationship with Bernie Madoff in recent years has sometimes made me want to drink away the pain and suffering that they have been causing me. They should at least have the decency to give their fans some sort of value for their money.

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