How to Properly Test Smoke Alarms Using Real Smoke

Most of the time we only think about smoke alarms when we’re cooking in the kitchen and something isn’t quite right. If the smoke detector going off then is a sure sign that you’re probably making a very burnt dinner. However, we should be grateful when that happens because that is probably the best way to test if your smoke detector is working and has live batteries. Lifehacker has a great article up on how to properly test your smoke detector and they recommend testing it with real smoke instead of just pushing the test button.

The reasoning behind that recommendation is that the test button only tests the alarm’s ability to make noise and not its ability to actually detect smoke. By lighting a match, quickly blowing it out, and holding that still-smoking matchstick underneath the smoke detector you can safely and deliberately trip your alarm. By doing this and changing out the batteries every six months you can rest assured that your smoke alarm will be working in the event of a fire. A properly working smoke detector can save your life but it’s important to ensure that it’s actually working properly.

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