An Interactive Map of Brooklyn You’ve Never Seen Before

New York City’s architecture is a wonderful mix of young and old. The two most impressive buildings on the Manhattan skyline are the Empire State Building and the nearly complete World Trade Center One. Those buildings were constructed 82 years apart and looking at those two buildings side by side from a distance gives you a great sense of where we came from and where we are going. This mix of old and new doesn’t just apply to Manhattan skyscrapers either. Cross the East River and you will find a similar mix in the (shorter) buildings of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx all of which have buildings still standing since before 1825. Thomas Rhiel recently undertook an impressive project to visually illustrate this mix in Brooklyn. After going through the building records of more than 320,000 buildings he has put together a color-coded interactive map of Brooklyn with each building shaded depending on its age. This is a truly incredible project that reveals things that I never knew about Brooklyn in a very easily accessible way. It’s well worth checking out.

No sleep till Brooklyn!

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