Violence Against Computers

For many of us personal computers have greatly improved our lives and careers while also causing us a great deal of frustration when they don’t work the way we want them to. Crucial recently did a study seeking to measure how far these bad feelings go when our computer doesn’t work right and the results are interesting. 36 percent of those surveyed admitted to using profanity, screaming, and shouting, or striking their PC with a fist or other object in the last six months. As for how people felt when their computers crapped out on them 65 percent of respondents felt frustrated, 10 percent felt angry, and another 10 percent felt helpless. As for what they thought the source of their computer problems was, 46 percent said malware, 16 percent said they had no idea, and 12 percent said themselves.

Speaking as someone who has fixed computers for a living, the source of most computer problems I have found we’re self-induced by the user and I also think that 36 percent figure is understating things a bit. As for me, you count me as someone who has let expletives fly at his computer but I’ve never gotten physically violent. Physically assaulting your computer is a great way to make it even more useless than it already is for you unless you never plan on using it again. If that’s the case then you can destroy it like Michael Bolton destroyed that fax machine in Office Space.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, watch it.

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