Underground Rivers are Resurfacing

Most big urban areas have underground rivers that their residents never knew about and more and more of them are being brought back to the surface. Underground rivers are the by-product of a century of urban development. Small streams on the surface were seen as mere obstacles by developers back in the day so they would either divert the streams or push it underground through a series of pipes making the land buildable. Most of these rivers would end up completely forgotten as the decades passed.

Now though several cities like Yonkers and Kalamazoo are bringing their subterranean rivers back to the surface for a variety of reasons. Environmentally, areas that are built over underground rivers are far more prone to severe flooding than if the rivers are open and exposed. Also the natural biological processes that break down water pollution work far more efficiently when exposed to sunlight enabling the cities to save money on water treatment while still having clean water. The benefits are also economic too. Some daylighted rivers are made into beautiful parks that bring people into the city and raise surrounding property values. It’s kind of amazing though that rivers we never knew existed are suddenly appearing in the middle of our cities.

The last time this part of the Saw Mill River saw daylight, Theodore Roosevelt was the President.

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