How to Get Rid of Swimmer’s Ear

It’s a very common occurrence in the summer. You go for a nice refreshing swim on a hot day and when you get out you’re stuck with water in your ears that just won’t get out. Usually the water in your ear is just an annoying nuisance but if nothing is done about it, it can easily escalate into an ear infection. The Wall Street Journal interviewed some medical professionals about it and have put together some good tips on how to (and how not) to get that annoying water out of your ears:

Assuming that it’s only a little water and you don’t feel any pain:
Put about five drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear canal – This will allow the water to more easily evaporate.
Cup your ear with the palm of your hand and pump inward – This will create suction that can draw the water out of your ear.
Jump on one leg with the water-filled ear tilted to the ground – This is a classic move that uses helps gravity pull the water out.
Don’t try getting it out with a Q-tip – This will likely make the problem worse pushing the water further into your ear.

If it does get infected and you start to feel pain:
Go see a doctor – If it reaches that point you likely need prescription antibiotics to get rid of the problem.
Go for ear drops and not pills – Using ear drops is like the equivalent of dropping a nuclear weapon on the infection. Pills will take a much longer time to get rid of the infection.

I know the feeling.

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