America In Burger Form

Few things are more uniquely American than fast food and hamburgers are probably the most widely consumed fast food product. Over the past few months the people at Peek Analytics tracked where every tweet about a burger chain came from and put it all together in this interactive map. While it is fascinating it should be noted that this is not a very good measure of brand popularity. They only measured tweets that mentioned a certain restaurant, not whether the tweet itself was favorable to said restaurant. For example, a tweet saying that McDonalds is a horrible company that makes food that will make you fat and wreak havoc on your digestive system is given the same weight as a tweet saying how much someone loves their Big Macs and reasonably priced coffee. It doesn’t distinguish between the two and that is important to keep that in mind when looking at a controversial industry. For the record, I love McDonalds’ coffee and hate just about everything else they serve.

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