Frying Eggs in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park in California is the lowest and hottest place in the United States. It is in that desert that the hottest recorded temperature in our nation’s history, 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was taken about 100 years ago. During the summer temperatures regularly rise above 115 degrees making it hot enough to literally fry an egg with the sun. Recently one of the park’s rangers brought an egg and a frying pan out into the park did just that. Here’s the video of him doing it.

With more than 800,000 hits this video went viral and it inspired a good deal of people to go to Death Valley to fry their own eggs. Only instead of using a pan like the ranger did, people were using the roads and sidewalks. Also instead of eating the eggs and throwing out the shells, many of these visitors were just leaving them on the ground. It has become a big enough problem that the park had to put up a notice telling visitors to clean up their egg-related messes. If you ever visit Death Valley feel free to use the sun to cook up some eggs, just do it in a pan or tinfoil and clean up after yourselves!

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