How To Spot Headlights of New Police Cars

Ford’s Crown Victoria is one of the most recognizable cars in America. Introduced in 1991, it was quickly adopted to be used as police cars all over the country. We as motorists have developed a very healthy instinct to slow down at the sight of any of the car’s features because admit it, most of us drive a bit faster than the police would like. However, Ford has discontinued production of the Crown Vic last year and police departments have had to seek alternatives for their new cruisers. This has thrown our well-honed instincts for a loop making it far more difficult to tell if a police cruiser is driving behind us at night. Luckily the folks at Jalopnik have put together a handy infographic showing us all of the headlight patterns of all of the new vehicles making a bid at replacing the Crown Vic as America’s favorite police car. Hopefully this can help you avoid a nasty speeding ticket that the police seem all to eager to hand out.

crown vic

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