Teenager Builds a Human Powered Flashlight

Canadian teenager Ann Makosinski has just invented a battery-powered flashlight. What’s remarkable about it though is that you are the battery. The flashlight draws it’s power directly from the heat that radiates from our body and converts it into electric light. It achieves this by using what are called Peltier tiles that produce electricity when one side is heated and the other side is cooled. In this case the heat source is your hand and the air surrounding the flashlight is the cooling source. It is there where its sole limitation lies. The light will not work if the outside air temperature is within 5 degrees Celsius of your body temperature. Translated into Fahrenheit, it won’t work if the outside temperature is between 89 degrees and 107 degrees. Fortunately the outside temperature on most parts of the Earth drops below 89 degrees at night, which is exactly when a flashlight would be most useful. I wish that I could have invented things like this when I was fifteen.

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