Google Reader Shuts Down

With all of the information that is constantly posted on the internet in a given day it can be difficult to keep track of all of the sites you like to read regularly. Not many people have the time to manually go to thirty different websites on a daily basis to find new content that they find interesting. The invention of the RSS Feed was a brilliant solution to this problem. Instead of going to the content an RSS Feed brings the content to you. Right now I am able to browse the headlines of fifty different websites all from one place. Or should I say, I was able to do that.

My RSS Feed of choice, Google Reader was just shut down recently and I’m going to have to find another competitor to aggregate my news. This March Google announced that it would be shutting down its Reader service on July 1 citing a lack of usage and the inability to monetize the service with advertising. Founded in 2005, Google said that their Reader took a huge hit with the rise of social media. Still the service had a small but dedicated following that enjoyed the niche that it filled. There is no way that I can get all of the information that I got from Google Reader from my Facebook or Twitter feed.

This also creates an unusual market dynamic for Google Reader’s competitors. Usually when Google enters a niche market they quickly suck up all of the oxygen in the room and crowd out their competitors. Now we’re seeing a frenzy of RSS Feed competitors trying to gobble up people like me who were loyal users of Google Reader. Companies like AOL, Microsoft, digg, and Feedly are going to be courting exiles like me trying to fill the void left by Google. As for who will ultimately win, no one has any idea.

Rest in Peace Google Reader; I’m going to miss you.

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