Lost in New York

People get lost in New York City all the time. It’s not just tourists or new residents either; people who have lived in the city for their entire lives are still sometimes betrayed by their sense of direction though few will admit it. Well the city government is attempting to solve that problem with a pretty cool solution. The city is making a $6 million investment in a network of public digital, pedestrian maps on the sidewalks and in subway stations. These maps are also oriented in the direction that you are currently facing when you’re looking at them. So for example, if you’re facing east, the top of the map will be east instead of north like standard maps are. A recent survey by New York’s Transportation Department revealed that over a third of those surveyed couldn’t figure out which direction was north without using their phones if they were lost so that feature will be a welcome addition. Speaking as someone who has found himself completely lost in the New York on several occasions, I would have loved to have seen one of these maps.

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