Sony Invents a Waterproof Smartphone

Dropping your phone in the toilet is something that many of us have done but hate to admit. I’ve never done it myself but I know several people who have and there are thousands of smartphones that get repaired for this “water damage” every year. Well if you worry about that happening to your smartphone, Sony has developed the Xperia A, a smartphone that can still work even after being completely submerged in water for 30 minutes. This phone is proving to be a big hit in Japan too. Since its launch in May it has been outselling Apple’s iPhones, and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones by considerable margins and the waterproof feature has a lot to do with that.

All that being said, this phone will face much stiffer competition in America. Brand loyalty especially among Apple’s users is far stronger than it is in Japan and it will be much harder for Sony to eat into Apple’s American market share. The market they want to capture won’t necessarily be existing iPhone users though but rather people getting smartphones for the first time. About 44 percent of American adults don’t own a smartphone and that number keeps shrinking. That big untapped market and the many clumsy people among us are the target market for Sony’s new waterproof smartphone. I for one am incredibly happy that we can look forward a future of confidently using our phones in the bathroom without the potential for embarrassing consequences.

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve done this before.

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