New Virginia Restaurant Bans Children Under 18

A new sushi lounge and restaurant in Alexandria is making waves by turning away parties with children and it’s paying off so far. The co-owners have nothing against children and even own other restaurants that do serve children but they wanted this new sushi place to be different. The idea was born out co-owner Bill Blackburn seeing a whole row of restaurants packed with young children and they thought that there might be an opening in the market for a kid-free restaurant. It turns out that he was right. “We have received great feedback, both on the food and the no-kids policy.” Blackburn said.

It’s certainly an interesting concept to be sure. It’s very true that there are many environments that aren’t appropriate for young children and some high-end restaurants fit into that category. It’s much more difficult for a restaurant to handle a young kid disrupting the restaurant’s atmosphere than it is for an adult. It’s easy to throw an adult out who’s had too much to drink at the bar, but not so much a parent with a screaming young kid. But there is also a case to be made for age not being one in the same with maturity. There are many well-behaved young children in this world and they shouldn’t have to be punished for the way other kids their age misbehaved. This restaurant has certainly raised an interesting debate that is quite interesting to think about.

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