Two Parking Spaces in Boston sell for $560,000

How much would you be wiling to pay for a convenient place to park your car? A recent auction in Boston set a record for the highest price for a pair of parking spaces ever sold, selling at $560,000. The tandem spots were right by the high-end neighborhoods of Commonwealth Avenue where finding a legal parking spot is notoriously difficult. The property was recently seized by the IRS because their previous owner owed about $600,000 in back taxes and they put them up for auction starting at $42,000. Within fifteen minutes, two local homeowners had bid the price up to over half a million dollars. For reference, the median value for a single family home in Massachusetts is $313,000. I just hope their new owner can rent one of those spots out to pay her new mortgage.

At the start of the auction, auctioneer Tim Smith called those parking spaces “two prettiest parking spaces I’ve ever seen.”

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