Over Fifty Percent of Americans Now Own Smartphones

The Pew Research Center recently released a fascinating study about cell phone usage in America. For the first time since they started measuring this trend, more than half of American adults say that they own smartphones. 35 percent said that they own and use “dumbphones”, while the percentage of adults that don’t own a cell phone has dropped to 9 percent. The rise in the adoption of smartphones transcends generations as well with even the 65+ demographic seeing a rise in smartphone usage. Among smartphone users there is fierce competition between Android phones and iPhones. 28 percent of those surveyed use Androids while 25 percent use iPhones. For many of us this data merely confirms what many of us suspected to be the case all along but it is still interesting to see the exact number. It is also truly amazing to consider the fact that more than half of us own a pocket-sized device that is far more powerful than the most state-of-the-art desktop and laptop computers 15 years ago.

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