As The Stock Market Climbs, So Does The Spam

McAfee recently reported that there were 1.9 trillion spam messages sent in the month of March. This number is hardly record-breaking but it represents a significant increase compared to a few months prior when there were only about 950 billion spam messages sent. The amount of spam that has been sent has remained flat or declined over the past three years so this sudden doubling of spam messages is a fairly significant development. To give you an idea of how high that number is, that’s 270 spam messages for every living person on Earth.

This recent growth has been attributed to the recent growth that we have been seeing in the stock market as “pump and dump” scams are becoming more popular these days. A pump and dump scam is when someone talks up a little known stock that they own trying to convince more people to buy it to artificially inflate its value. They then sell their shares at the peak of this inflation before the stock price falls back down to earth. With the recent success of the stock market there are many more pump and dump spam messages targeting new or naive investors. So if you think you’ve been getting more spam than usual lately, know that you’re not alone and you can point to a better stock market as the culprit.

If everyone in the world got 270 cans of spam per month, no one would go hungry ever again.

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