The DC Area Experiences a Surge in New Microbreweries

Regions of the world like France, Italy, and California are rather famous for their wine. Those places are home to a huge number of the world’s vineyards and wineries of all sizes. Northern Virginia is now trying to be a major hub for new microbreweries making craft beer. This was mostly due to a law passed by the Virginia’s General Assembly allowing breweries to serve their beer on-site for the first time. This has allowed new small startup breweries to cut out the distribution middlemen and sell their product directly to their customers, something that is still illegal in many other states. This newer model has demolished many of the previous barriers to entry for new breweries and everyone in the DC area that enjoys beer benefits the most from this. Currently there are five new breweries set to open in the next few months and I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area. A full list of these breweries can be found here and here.

You know it’s a craft beer if you need a corkscrew to open it.

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