We Spend a Lot of Money on Pets

The Bureau of Labor Statistics spends most of their time determining what America’s employment numbers are at any given point. However, they do occasionally research other parts of our economy and have given us something interesting to read. They recently released a study breaking down what the average American household spends its money on as part of its annual budget. The most fascinating thing they found was that we spend a lot of money on our pets. On average Americans spend $503 per year on their pets which further breaks down to $183 per year on pet food and $143 per year on vet visits. Those numbers actually understate reality too because it includes as part of its sample the roughly 25 percent of American households that have no pets. For comparison, Americans spent on average $456 on alcohol per year. Yes, financially speaking we value our pets more than our booze. Spending on our pets has also remained fairly consistent despite tighter household budget constraints. We humans are cutting back on the amount of money we’re spending on food and drinks (mostly by eating at restaurants less often) but our pets have seen no such budget cuts. So what does this tell us? We really love our pets and it shows in our wallets.

These kittens certainly appreciate it.

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1 Response to “We Spend a Lot of Money on Pets”

  1. 1 ncreadergirl May 24, 2013 at 11:40 am

    My hubby works at a major Pet Retailer and he tells me all the time the vast amount of money he sees people spending on their pets on a daily basis, this rings so very true!

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