An App About Parking

Have you ever forgotten where you’ve parked your car? I know I certainly have. Trying to find your car after forgetting where you parked it is an incredibly frustrating waste of time that no one ever wants to go through. Luckily there is a new app called Valet that will help you prevent that problem. With this app you can mark the location where you parked your car on Google maps and it will tell you where your car is when it comes time to find it. Also a common source of many parking tickets is simply being parked in a spot with an expired parking meter. Valet comes with a timer that you can set if you’re parked at a metered spot and it will alert you when the meter is running out. While this app won’t prevent every parking ticket it will help remove the ones caused by human error. At only $1.99 this app can help you avoid parking tickets that are far more expensive and help you never forget where you parked your car. It’s a pretty interesting app for an activity as mundane as parking.

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1 Response to “An App About Parking”

  1. 1 deejsounds May 22, 2013 at 10:48 am

    this would be a great app! keep forgetting which section of the carpark i parked mine!

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