Four Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Recently the Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act which is going to make an internet sales tax a reality for all of us. Even as we inch further towards a sales tax being slapped on to all of our online purchases, there is still plenty of other ways to save money on your online purchases that TIME recently compiled. Here are their recommendations:

Use Coupon Codes: Sites like,, and aggregate coupon codes from a wide variety of online merchants. Taking advantage of these can get you a pretty healthy discount.

Use Credit Card Rewards: If you have a store credit card, using that card on that store’s website usually nets you a pretty healthy discount. If you make a lot of purchases from a single merchant getting their credit card might not be a bad idea.

Abandon Your Shopping Cart: Some merchants will email you a discount offer if you put items in your shopping cart and leave them there. Online retailers figure that if you came so close to purchasing a little extra incentive can help push you into making the transaction. It may take a day or two but you can “virtually haggle” with online vendors using this tactic.

Make Your Online Purchases Now: Don’t wait for your state to start taxing your online purchases. With big-ticket items a 7-9 percent sales tax can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. If your state hasn’t imposed an online sales tax yet, make your big ticket purchases before your state decides to take a cut of the action.

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