6 Tricks to Improve Your Own Time Management

In many of our jobs there always seems to be too much work to do and not enough time to do it. It turns out that there are many strong little time management tricks that can help anyone get a lot more work done. Forbes has put together a list of many of those tricks and they include:

Limit Time Spent on Email: If possible designate certain points of the day where you take care of email and try to rely on it less. Keep your emails short and try to send less of them. Taking control of your email can free up a lot more time to work on other projects.

Take Time to Clear Your Head: Taking a few minutes away from your desk will help you be able to stay fresher more focused when you are working. Spacing out these little mini-breaks will make you more productive when you do work.

To-do Lists: Having a clear, written list of things that you want to get done in a day will improve your chances of actually getting those things done. Make sure you’re to-do list is ordered by priority and realistically possible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings: Too many meetings can add up to being a big waste of time. Ask yourself if the meeting is really, truly necessary and if it isn’t say no.

Don’t Multitask: Always try giving the task at hand your full and undivided attention. Too much multitasking can lead to mistakes and negatively affect the quality of your work. When you’re done with one task you can move on to the next one.

Clean Your Desk: Take time to clean up your desk at the and of the day. File away what you need, throw out what you don’t. One of the many benefits of being well organized is the time you save by knowing where everything is.

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