Alcohoot Invents the World’s First Enforcement-Grade Smartphone Breathalyzer

Most people know how bad drinking and driving is. Operating a vehicle under the influence puts not only yourself at risk but other motorists on the road as well. Fortunately for society, the Israeli company Alcohoot has invented a tool to help keep potential drunk drivers off the road.

They have invented an enforcement-grade breathalyzer that works on any smartphone that will track your blood alcohol content throughout a night of drinking. When it comes time to leave the bar you can check whether you’re sober enough to drive with hard data rather than just going by your own inebriated instincts. In the case where you’re not sober enough to drive, Alcohoot suggests nearby restaurants where you can sober up and taxi companies that service your area. At $75 the Alcohoot breathalyzer is incredibly cheap compared to breathalyzers used by police which usually cost around $800. However, it’s real value to society is that it will help keep people who have been drinking off the road and that is something we’re sure everyone can get behind.

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